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Tech Lead



Berlin, Germany
Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Join our team of exceptional software engineers at Templafy and play a crucial role in shaping the future of our B2B SaaS products as part of our empowered product team! We pride ourselves on doing what the best companies do, not what most companies do.

About us:
Templafy is the next gen document generation platform that automates all document creation across organizations. Our platform eliminates manual document work allowing companies to drive governance, efficiency and ultimately business results. Templafy supports millions of users and enables over 800 enterprise customers such as KPMG, IKEA, BDO and more.

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2014, Templafy’s success is built by our 60+ employee nationalities found at offices around the world. We believe when people feel they belong, have a voice, and feel heard, they are happier and perform better, and that way, everyone wins. Our innovation, diversity, and unique product have raised over 200 million in funding from Insight Venture Partners, Seed Capital, Dawn Capital, Damgaard Company and Golub Capital.

Role Brief

We are seeking a strong Tech Lead, adept at mentoring and coaching a talented and experienced team of engineers in the tech sector. In this role, you will step into the Tech Lead position within our Account Team, which operates out of Berlin. We follow a hybrid work model by coming to the office three days a week minimum.

As Tech Lead, your responsibilities will include developing and maintaining high-quality, scalable software for our core product offerings, and representing the engineering perspective during the upstream product discovery process as a key member of our empowered product team. Our team adheres to Cagan's "trio" approach and the principles of Torres’ Continuous Discovery Habits. In this model, you, as the Tech Lead, will collaborate closely with the Product Manager and Designer to explore innovative product ideas and validate customer value early on. Discovery and delivery occur concurrently and continuously, influencing each other through iterative feedback loops, steering clear of large handovers and waterfall models. Thus, your role involves substantial collaboration with the trio and the other engineers on the team, playing a vital role in both discovery and delivery.

We seek a highly motivated, dedicated individual eager to face new challenges and significantly contribute to our company's ongoing success. Strong communication and leadership skills, coupled with a genuine interest in mentoring and coaching junior team members, are crucial for success in this role. A strong passion for the discovery process as well as crafting and delivering high standard software is essential.

The Team

In the Account Team, we manage key areas of Templafy including Authentication, User, and Tenant management. Our self-contained systems accommodate millions of daily users, with these areas being utilized both directly by users and indirectly through subsystems. We are an ambitious team, setting high standards for both customer value delivery and code quality. Through various design and test strategies, we confidently release updates to production multiple times a day. Each team benefits from a dedicated Engineering Manager with an engineering background, thereby ensuring both your personal and professional growth.

Key Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the product discovery process as a member of the product trio, collaborating with the Product Manager and Designer to identify and validate innovative product ideas.
  • Develop and maintain high-quality software solutions using appropriate methods.
  • Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of our software architecture and development processes and practices. This is undertaken in conjunction with other teams, as all systems operate on the same tech stack and patterns, ensuring operational consistency where feasible.
  • Mentor and coach fellow Engineers both technically—e.g., through code reviews and design sessions—and in the capacity of an Empowered Engineer, focusing on outcomes over output.
  • Embrace a "you build it, you run it" culture, meaning you'll be on 2nd line support when needed. However, due to our robust engineering principles and practices, the need for such support is rare.

How We Work

  • Teams: Our cross-functional, self-organized teams comprise 5-9 engineers, a Product Manager, and a Designer. They continually strive for improvement, embracing flow optimization principles with management paving the road favoring roundabouts over traffic lights. Full ownership of features is assigned to teams, from discovery to development and deployment, to ensure short feedback cycles and minimize handovers. Our teams demonstrate progress bi-weekly to maintain transparency and collaboration.
  • Dual-Track Agile: Our teams follow a dual-track agile approach. The Product Trio—consisting of the Product Manager, Product Designer, and Tech Lead—is responsible for the discovery track, while the Engineering Manager and engineers handle the delivery track. The entire team collaborates closely, sharing collective responsibility for a portion of Templafy’s product offerings.
  • Architecture: We employ a microservices-style approach known as self-contained systems and adhere to Domain Driven Design and Event Driven Architecture principles. Our focus lies on crafting the most straightforward, effective solutions, avoiding over-engineering.
  • Test-Oriented: We prioritize testing our code, utilizing a continuous integration infrastructure that runs tests with every push, and notifying the team via Slack of any issues. We maintain high-quality standards, even during busy periods, without using dedicated QA engineers to ensure a continuous flow.
  • DevOps Mindset: Embracing a cloud-first approach, we host everything on Microsoft Azure. Each team is accountable for deploying and monitoring their services, using Azure DevOps for backlog management, source control with short-lived feature branches, pull requests, releases, and testing.
  • Automation: With 30 daily software deployments, our commitment to automation ranges from deployments to setting up new infrastructure. Custom tools aid in configuring local development environments, publishing release notes, localization workflow, and managing tasks, branches, and pull requests.
  • Design: We adhere to a written coding standard and clean code principles. Most features are developed using pair programming, and all changes undergo peer review. Automated code clean-up tools ensure consistent formatting and structure.
  • Learning: Our culture promotes lifelong learning. Everyone is encouraged to read books, attend conferences, take courses, and obtain certifications. We invest in personal and professional development, offering resources to support growth, including two days of tech time bi-weekly. We also actively participate in hosting and speaking at meetups.
  • Career Ladder: We employ a trident career ladder, enabling Individual Contributors to progress to Senior or Lead roles within a team, Staff or Principal Engineers in the Technical Leadership Track, or Engineering Managers and Directors on the Management Track.
  • Flexibility: We operate under a hybrid work model, requiring a minimum of three days in-office every week. We believe in fostering human connections to build happiness, trust, and resilience. This includes accommodating personal needs outside of work and providing an environment conducive to deep concentration.

Technologies we use

  • Tools: Visual Studio, ReSharper, JetBrains Rider, VS Code, GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT 4, Slack, Zoom, Git, Azure DevOps, Docker Desktop, WSL2, SonarCloud, Cypress, and more.
  • Backend: .NET Core, .NET, C#, Web API, Entity Framework, VSTO, Xunit, Fluent Assertion, etc.
  • Frontend: React, Redux, TypeScript, Sass, yarn, WPF, Jest, Cypress, etc.
  • Hosting: 100% Azure, Web Apps, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Azure SQL, Azure Service Bus, Application Insights, Azure Synapse, etc.


  • Employee equity program
  • Company lunch contribution
  • Language (German) courses
  • Phone covered by company
  • Centrally located office – easy access to public transportation
  • Company events and team activities
  • Flexible work environment

You will be collaborating closely with talented engineers and other passionate members of our business, all committed to facilitating international success. We utilize modern technologies and tools, agile development processes, and create a product that is integral to the daily workflow of millions of users. We offer our employees a competitive salary, a family-friendly environment, a hybrid work model with a primarily co-located team, healthy snacks and beverages at the office, and warrants in our Employee Equity Program.

In addition to this, all our engineers receive an annual personal development budget. Our office, centrally located near Potsdamer Platz, is easily accessible by public transportation, and daily communication is conducted in English. Beyond local team events and activities, all engineers are welcome to attend our self-hosted Product and Engineering conference, Templafy Ignite.

We offer an excellent and supportive work environment. Regular team events, social gatherings at the office, video gaming sessions, and Thursday breakfasts are just a few highlights.

In summary, Templafy provides a combination of stable working conditions, extraordinary colleagues, and authentic entrepreneurship in an equal opportunity workplace.

Why Join Us?

At Templafy, we're committed to cultivating a supportive and inclusive work environment where our employees can thrive. We provide competitive compensation packages, opportunities for professional development, and real work-life balance. Our dedication to diversity and inclusion is mirrored in our team, comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

Templafy is a workplace of belongingness. To us this means that you have a voice, you dare to speak up, and your voice is heard. We focus on offering an environment that allows all employees to feel that they belong regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, gender, gender identity, genetic information, parental or pregnancy status, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or other status.