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Redwood City, CA, USA

Shoreline provides real-time automation and control for cloud operations. Operations teams are under pressure to deliver higher and higher standards of availability, but this is impossible to achieve by fixing incidents manually. Achieving high availability requires automated remediation, but today automating fixes can take months. There’s got to be a better way. Shoreline makes it easy for operators to create automated remediations for well-known issues. You define the behavior for a single host, and Shoreline scales it out across your fleet, dealing with network faults, propagating configs, handling failures, and auditing execution. Anything you can type at the Linux command prompt, including calls to your cloud provider, Kubernetes CLI, or your own shell scripts, you can orchestrate with Shoreline. Think Splunk without lag and with the ability to take action on your system. Shoreline’s approach is built on the experience of operators who built automations to ensure the reliability of millions of instances at major cloud providers.

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