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Quant Product Analyst



IT, Product
London, UK
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Quant Product Analyst

About OpenGamma

OpenGamma is a fintech scale-up dedicated to reducing the costs of trading. Using our deep quantitative expertise we are building a cutting-edge, cloud-based product to give derivatives users the ability to uncover hidden opportunities that enhance their returns. We have built and are continuing to grow a global client base of the world’s leading financial institutions across banks, clearing houses, hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading firms and pension funds. We are a growing company that understands the difference each individual can make. We operate with transparency and minimal bureaucracy, provide clarity on how our objectives impact your work, and help you focus your efforts on what matters for the business.

About the role

Over the last decade OpenGamma has built up deep expertise in derivatives pricing, risk and margin management. Our unique market position and in-house quantitative expertise enable us to independently replicate the margin methodologies of over 50 of the world’s exchanges, clearing houses and brokers. Developments in the industry and demand from our clients has led to a focus on extending our offering to cover a wider range of complicated financial products across the full range of asset classes; interest rates, equities, commodities, fx and credit. Our Quant Product Analysts will work closely with our Quant Product Manager and Quant Dev team in order to deliver tangible value to our customers via quantitative models.

The key responsibilities of the role include:

  • Building a deep understanding of derivatives products in order to interpret the methodology documentation received from brokers or exchanges.
  • Testing margin model or risk calculations; understanding the different components of margin and comparing outputs to expected results.
  • Performing margin calculations and risk analysis yourself using OpenGamma tools (Java) or Excel; primarily to validate numbers before delivering to clients.
  • Calibrating margin models to replicate broker or exchange/CCP IM
  • Writing product and model specifications for our development team to implement

Why you should apply

At OpenGamma, you will be at the heart of a rapidly growing company with a constantly evolving product.The work you do will have a direct impact on our clients, and you’ll be providing this value from day one.You’ll solve complex and ever-changing problems whilst building up advanced knowledge of derivatives products and margin models.You’ll be welcomed into a team who will support your development and throw new opportunities at you at every stage.You’ll interact with and learn from people across the entire firm, from sales to development to product strategy.

What we are looking for

  • You have recently graduated from a top university with a quantitative or analytical degrees (e.g. Business, Economics, Maths, Finance)
  • You are a systematic problem-solver, methodically working through possibilities to find a solution.
  • You have some basic knowledge of capital markets, and may have had initial work experience in a bank, hedge fund, asset manager or software vendor.
  • You are eager to build a deep understanding of financial products and risk management.
  • You seek to understand the bigger picture but also have a keen eye for the finer details
  • Through work or education, you have demonstrated the ability to solve technical, data-driven problems.
  • You are proficient at searching and manipulating data using Excel.
  • You know when to approach others for help and are skilled at extracting the right information from the right people.
  • You can confidently articulate and present your own ideas and solutions, as well as guide technical discussions.
  • Your open attitude encourages people to approach you when they have a problem you can help them solve.
  • You understand your own limitations and seek guidance to develop your skills and competencies.
  • You actively search for ways to help the team, without waiting for instructions.