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Head of Demand Gen



Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Head of Demand Gen

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Head of Demand Gen

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Job Description

We are seeking a Head of Demand Gen who will lead our marketing team and work closely with the CEO and Sales team to drive business growth and market expansion. They will develop and implement a comprehensive growth strategy through a period of international expansion, and play an instrumental role in helping us achieve our ambitious targets.
Build Omi’s LeadGen team and processes from scratch
Hire, train and manage a high-performing growth team, both locally and internationally.
Leading the LeadGen organisation with responsibility for managing the marketing team and partnering closely with Sales on the go-to-market strategy
Implement performance management frameworks to set clear performance expectations and measure progress towards growth targets.
Implement a paid multi-channel acquisition machine integrating SEA, Ads, SEO, Events and email marketing campaigns tailored to Mid Market audience segments and continuously experiment frameworks to optimize marketing campaigns based on real-time performance.
Develop customer journey mapping frameworks to identify key stakeholders, key touchpoints and optimize user experiences for Mid Market leads.
Segment CRM and prioritize acquisition channels with the highest potential for ROI, propensity to convert and lifetime value potential.
Collaborate closely with Content to implement a data-driven approach utilizing CRM platforms to deliver personalized content/messaging.
Build our growth machine by implementing advanced growth tools, such as web scraping, to extract contacts leads list and intents to fuel Outbounds campaigns led by BDRs.
Drive international expansion by testing and implementing relevant acquisition channels and implement market opportunity sizing frameworks to prioritize growth initiatives and allocate resources effectively.
Extensive experience driving growth in B2B SaaS environments, selling to Mid Market
Demonstrated experience building and optimizing growth processes, playbooks, and strategies across multiple geographic markets
Experience driving revenue growth and business expansion in close collaboration with sales organizations, especially with BDRs
Experience in driving international expansion and managing distributed teams across geographies
Highly data-driven in approach, and experience working with and leveraging data to drive growth
Strong proficiency in analytics tools and CRM systems with the ability to extract insights and trends from complex data sets to optimise growth performance
A strong understanding of consumer goods brands and businesses personas is a bonus
If you are an ambitious and driven leader with a passion for leading international growth strategies and marketing organisations, we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity. Join our team and help us build the future of content!


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