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🔮Customer Success Intern/apprentice



Customer Service, Sales & Business Development
Posted on Friday, October 13, 2023

Customer Success Intern/apprentice

Title : Customer Success Intern/Apprentice Role : Intern / Apprentice Location : Paris Hiring Manager : Julie Ribeiro, Lead Customer Experience

💻 About Omi:

Omi is a software that makes it seamless for brands to turn their products into photorealistic 3D, insert them into 3D-powered templates and generate product visuals and AR, with no technical skills, in minutes and for a few euros.

😊 Why this role ?

Build the foundations of Omi : As a Customer Success intern or apprentice, working with our users at Omi, you'll have outsized influence on the infrastructure and foundations of the support we offer.
Work on a unique technology : Omi exploits the potential of the most performant rendering engines to create the most powerful and effective 3D marketing technology of the last (or next) decade. Let's achieve this goal together. Join us at a magical time: We've just raised capital and we're starting to work on our product-market fit while acceleration our tech development, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join at the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.

🚀 What you'll do

As Customer Success intern/apprentices at Omi, your responsibilities will be :
Support the Customer Success manager team :
Assist the modeling process with the Customer Success Team
Manage with great responsiveness the requests of the VIP customers
Participate in the writing and production of the help center (videos, training articles, etc.)
Collect customer feedback and suggest areas for improvement with the Product division
Assist the Customer Support :
Support users who ask for help on the platform via our chat
Manage with great responsiveness the requests of our customers
Pay particular attention to each client, respond to them in a personalized and warm way

🕵️‍♀️ What we're looking for

Requirements for this role are:
French and English proficiency
You are organized, rigorous and punctual
Your writing and diction are impeccable
You are a team player and can put yourself in others’ shoes and see situations from perspectives other than your own
You’re motivated by seeing others succeed and grow when you partner with them
You’re highly adaptable, easily acclimating to a rapidly changing business and industry
Strong intrinsic motivation to be a top performer and contribute to a team

🎯Bonus Qualifications

Bonus qualifications for the role are:
You have an interest in configuring digital tools
You have been working with clients before in Startups/SMB’S


Send your resume to and follow the process:
Phone call with Julie (10-15min)
Test (written and oral) with the Customer Experience Team (1h30)
Team fit (1h)
Interview with Hugo CEO (10 min)