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Senior Backend Engineer



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Posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Senior Backend Engineer

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Senior Backend Engineer
Title : Senior Backend Engineer Role : Full Time Location : Paris, remote Hiring Manager : Elliot Maincourt, Sr Backend Engineer
Tech Stack Infrastructure : Kubernetes, Docker, Loki, Grafana, Prometheus, PostgreSQL Backend : Golang, OpenAPI, Open Policy Agent, Istio, NodeJS Frontend : React / Typescript Engine : OpenGL, C++ Tools : Qt, OpenGL, C++

Why this role ?

Build the foundations of Omi : As an Engineer working full-time on our 3D code at Omi, you'll have outsized influence on the infrastructure and foundations of the services we develop.
Work on a unique technology : Omi exploits the potential of the most performant rendering engines to create the most powerful and effective 3D marketing technology of the last (or next) decade. Let's achieve this goal together. Join us at a magical time: We've just raised capital and we're starting to work on our product-market fit while accelerating our tech development, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join at the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.
Have a 360 impact: Backend team at Omi also supports a pretty heavy weighted infrastructure that you could have your hands on. It’s an amazing opportunity to develop your skills in Linux, Kubernetes, and understand computation/costs scaling issues that a mid-stage startup can face.


As a Senior Backend Engineer at Omi, your responsibilities and missions will be:
Develop and maintain several REST APIs written in Go to interface the OMI app and the rendering engine with external platforms (Unity, Unreal, AR, social media, e-commerce).
Maintain and improve our monitoring and alerting stack (Grafana, Loki, Tempo, Prometheus).
Write OpenAPI 2/3 definitions that match the APIs to enable other teams to communicate with them.
Make sure our heavy weighted GPU workloads run properly with cost efficiency in mind.
Maintain our workflows orchestrator and write workflow definitions for our users to create astonishing content.
Write unit, integration and e2e tests in Go.
Contribute to open source repositories Omi is heavily relying on if necessary.
Maintain our different Kubernetes clusters, keep them up to date, and write the spec to deploy any kind of workloads on top of it.
Write clean, readable, and well documented code and wherever possible use and improve our existing code base.
Work with front and backend teams to integrate new features into asset processing pipelines, rendering pipelines, and webviews.


For this role, the required qualifications are:
BS, MS or PhD Degree in Computer Science or similar domain.
5+ years of commercial experience working in as a backend engineer.
Required: Go, OpenAPI, Docker, Git, SQL, agile workflow.
Nice to have: Kubernetes, AWS, Loki, Grafana, Prometheus, Tempo, gRPC, Vector databases, AR experiences as well as AR Web, Computer Vision experiences, GPU underlying tech understanding (Cuda, OpenCL etc.), Emscripten / Web Assembly.


For this role, the bonus qualifications are :
Nice to have: Knowledge in front-end development (asynchronous programming, typing, closures, testing…).
Any experience in Kubernetes and infrastructure in general is a plus.
Able to thrive in a dynamic environment where goals and requirements may be changing.
Personal or academic projects or papers.


Send your CV and your personal or open source projects to We will get back to you to start the recruitment process:
Interview with Elliot Maincourt, Sr. Backend Engineer
Interview with Paul Borensztein, co-founder & CTO
Interview with Tech Team Member
Technical test

About Omi

Omi provides a SaaS platform that makes it seamless for brands to turn their products into photo realistic 3D models, insert them into 3D scenes and generate product visuals and AR, with no technical skills, in minutes and for a few euros.